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Need help finding our beloved 6 month old puppy. She goes by the name Tiger Lilly. Her and her 6 month old sister Zippy have the run of our front patio during the day. We've never had any problem with them out there til yesterday.

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Contact Information

Baldwin Lake

Contact Name: Michelle

Phone: 1-424-903-5408

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Tiger Lilly is the size of a Chihuahua with long hair. She almost looks like a miniature version of lassie. She is very spunky and very friendly with everyone. Our family is heart broken including her sister who no longer has her best friend and playmate, they did everything together. If you happened to be in Baldwin Lake yesterday near Baldwin Lake Rd and just happened to see to small dogs play in or near the street or have any info as to what maybe happened to our Tiger Lilly, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE give me a call at 1-562-308-7143 my name is Caroline. If youcan't get ahold of me Please call my roommate Michelle @ 1-424-903-5408. Thank you very much.