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Big Bear Lake Weather

by bigbearlakelocal.com on 11/29/2012 - 10:09 am

Category: Weather

Big Bear Lake and mother nature are not getting along to start off the winter season. It was great to see the local ski resorts open a week before the Thanksgiving holiday but the limited snow pack made for short runs and long lift lines. And today both Snow Summit and Bear Mt. are close until further notice. With the current forecast we can’t expect to see the mountains open until one of two things, natural snow fall or cool dry temperatures perfect for snow making.  


Not to worry as we have seen this before in Big Bear. Yes we would all love to have fresh snow and blue skies and in the experience of this writer it’s not too far away. The skilled people at the ski resorts will do everything in their power to turn the lifts back on and afford us the joy of sliding down the snow.


Let’s all pray to the snow gods and hope they will bring us a white fluffy Christmas to celebrate with our  friends and family.